We are very pleased to announce the complete WS-REST 2018 program. As announced a little while ago, WS-REST 2018 will have two keynote speakers, with the research keynote given by Professor Cesare Pautasso, and the industry keynote given by Christian Fauré. We now have made the full program available. Please have a look at the WS-REST 2018 Program for the complete workshop schedule and keynote details.

Schedule Outline

WS-REST 2018 Research Track (9.00-12.20)

  • 9.00-10.20 Research Session 1 (Research Keynote and Research Presentations)
  • 11.00-12.20 Research Session 2 (Research Presentations and Research Panel)

WS-REST 2018 Industry Track (13.40-17.00)

  • 13.40-15.00 Industry Session 1 (Industry Keynote and Industry Presentations)
  • 15:40-17:00 Industry Session 2 (Industry Presentations and Industry Panel)