The WS-REST 2018 organizers are glad to announce the research track of the WS-REST 2018 Program. We are happy to have won Cesare Pautasso as our research keynote speaker, and to have a provisional program of four accepted research contributions:

Research Keynote by Cesare Pautasso (USI): Microservices: An Eventually Inconsistent Architectural Style?

  • Microservices by definition let each service independently manage its own database. In this talk we illustrate the ultimate consequences of the Polyglot persistence principle, which can be summarized using the BAC theorem: When Backing up a microservice architecture, it is not possible to have both Consistency (after recovery) and full Availability (while backing up the system). In other words, loosely coupled Microservice architectures are doomed to become inconsistent after disaster strikes. We will present and compare several coping strategies to deal with this limitation and discuss how they impact the monolith decomposition process and the corresponding service API boundary design.

Research Track Paper Presentations:

  • Henry Vu, Tobias Fertig, and Peter Braun: Verification of Hypermedia Characteristic of RESTful Finite-State Machines
  • Tobias Fertig and Peter Braun: Towards Offline Support for RESTful Systems
  • Sebastian Bader and Maria Maleshkova: Virtual Representations for an Iterative IoT Deployment
  • Anastasios Dimanidis, Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou, and Andreas Symeonidis: A Natural Language Driven Approach for Automated Web API Development

Please find the up-to-date program on the official WS-REST 2018 Program page.